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1999 -- East L.A. -- skateboarding tomboy Toni is 15, her best friend is her father, Tony, a charming and charismatic, functional drug addict, Their weekends spent smuggling drugs from Tijuana to fuel his habit. When Toni decides to break away and make some real friends her own age, both father and daughter must confront the impossibility of forging new identities independent of one other.

Big Bad Wolves is a feature length and short film written and directed by Rachel James
Big Bad Wolves

The short film version of Big Bad Wolves is currently in post-production. The feature length script has made it to the second round for the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab


Set in a present day, hyper-realized New York City, four teenage girls transform themselves from ‘bff’s 4 eva’ to violent, vigilante gang over the course of one, very bloody, summer.


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Coming Soon.

The Swells is a feature length horror film written by Rachel James
The Swells

What begins as a meditative, dramatic narrative about an adult father and daughter quickly spirals into intense, psychological horror in The Swells -- Lola is in the midst of grappling with a lifetime of family abuse and injustice. Her desire to let out years of suppressed aggression grows into an overpowering force that eventually consumes her entire identity, and then moves on to overtake and destroy the lives of others.


The Swells has been supported by the CatWalk Artist Residency Program.